Last March 5th, thousands of visitors cram the streets of Santo Domingo with colours, music and a festive atmosphere in the Dominican carnival. With the whip yells of Diablos Cojuelos and merengue music, starts the carnival along the Malecon in the city.

 A variety of traditional personages march through the streets of the capital:Diablos Cojuelos from La Vega and Santo Domingo, Lechones from Santiago de los caballeros, Roba la Gallinafrom La vega (men dressed with women clothes), Pintaos from Barahona (with their bodies completely painted) , Guloyas” from San Pedro de Macoris (with their decorated heads with Peacock feathers), or Indios and Africanos from Santo Domingo dessed like African tribes.

The most poppular of these personages is the Diablo cojuelo, a paughty and playful demon. With colored and bright dresses they satirized medieval knights. Masks and costums differ among cities and in other cities they are known as Lechones (with pork masks) in Santiago or Toros in Montecristi with bull masks.

Other picturesque personages are the Platanuses from Cotuí, completely dressed with dried banana leafs.

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