There are many diving centers to know the underwater life at the Dominican Republic. Our choice: buy diving goggles in Jumbo supermarkets and know the nearest seagrasses in Las Terrenas. Distributed along the coast, covering the sandy bottoms of estuaries, bays and inlets. They are formed mainly by the marine phanerogams Thalassia testudium and Syringodium filiforme and algae. These seagrass beds are important places for feeding and breeding numerous species of different animal groups. However, such coral reefs, these ecosystems are highly endangered in the country by cleaning marine to enhance the attractiveness of the beaches, buried by terrestrial inputs.

Coral reefs are disappearing in the entire coast and, in the last five decades, coral reefs decreased around 50%. Actually, the coral of Las Terrenas is dying due to overfishing, pollution and walking on coral. In this sense, environmental NGO’s (e.g. Reef Check) proposes to develop a coral rescue plan, delimiting several temporary areas reserved or prohibited for fishing in order to repopulate them one by one, by cutting live coral in marine nurseries maintained by metal structures.


Fishers walking over the coral reef in Las Terrenas.



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