“Hug the World” is a personal project to discover this wonderful world, one opportunity to give back some of the good things that we received along our lives through organized and spontaneous volunteer projects.

From Galicia to the Dominican Republic spending some time in the way to visit Italy, Romania and Belgium. Jumping to the United States following the Est coast from Miami to New York. In Chicago is waiting one of the historic railroad routes: The Transcontinental Railroad.  Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon… the west coast promises a wonderful experience.

Will be the time to leave America. Crossing Japan from the North to the South and navigate the East China Sea to Shanghai. After spend some time in China, there is other of the historic railroad routes: The Trans-Mongolian. This railroad will carry us from Pekin to Moscow enjoying Mongolia, Baikal Lake… Our trip is arriving to the end. Crossing Ukraine to Romania will end this great hug to the earth. Came with us and follow us through this blog or in facebook!