The “Giving back” at orphanage Alexandra


We ended a new experience of this adventure as volunteers around the world. Along one month, we shared amazing moments with twenty-three children in the Orphanage Alexandra from Onesti (Romania).  We learn a valuable “life lesson” having received much more than we give.

In the communist era children with functional diversity and severe special needs were “confiscated” from families and interned in orphanages. At present, these centers welcome abandoned children or those whose families cannot attend because of their special needs.

Without any doubt this has been an experience we will never forget!

Volunteering projects

Are you volunteer?

We were surprised of the great amount of “volunteering” projects offered in different websites for a bed and something for eat. You feel that this is really volunteering or a merely exchange?  In addition they recommended you that to make the reservation with some time in advance because all “volunteering” positions could occupied… really? There are too many volunteers in this world?


Given that, our objective in this adventure was to give back some of the received good in our lifes without expecting anything in return, we have our doubts about this type of “volunteering”. In consequence we decided to contact directly organizations where we thought we could be helpful.

Here you can check some of our own-organized volunteering project but also spontaneous actions which we had the opportunity to develop or in which collaborate along the way. Continue reading “Volunteering projects”

Visit Bucharest in two days


Are you hungry? Since 1898, Caru’ cu bere (“the beer wagon”) is located in the historic center of Bucharest, a highly recommended place to take the lunch/dinner! Find out about traditional Romanian food such ciorbă, tochitură or sarmale with live music at an affordable price! A daily special at this restaurant costs between € 5 and €6, without dink and coffe but includes two generous main courses and dessert.

Resultado de imagen de caru cu bereImage source:                         

If you like spend some time in shopping centers (not our case!) you can visit the AFI Cotroceni Palace Hyper Mall. In this shopping center you can find all kind of shops, international or local brands, supermarket, fast-foods,cafes, akid zone, IMAX cinema among others or an ice skating rink. Is easy to arrive to this big mall by subway from Piata Unirii with line 3 (red line) direction Preciziei, stopping in Politehnica station.

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